Real Estate Wholesaling – Four Strategies For Finding Buyers For the Contract

When new investors first learn about real estate wholesaling, they believe that finding buyers for their contracts will be the hardest part. This article is going to address several strategies for finding other investors that will want to purchase your contracts.

Before getting into the strategies for finding buyers, it is important for you to realize that your success in finding buyers will be directly related to your ability to locate a good deal. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a great deal. The better your deal is, the easier it will be for you to find another investor that will want to buy your contract.

If you are having a hard time finding an investor that is interested in your deal, that usually means that you do not have a good enough deal. When the deals are great, finding investors becomes a lot easier.

With that background, here are the strategies:

Four Strategies For Finding Buyers

1. Call ads/signs placed by other investors – You have seen those signs that say “we buy houses” or ads in the paper that say something similar. If you think about it, these are investors that have placed an ad because they want someone to bring them a deal. You should call these people and ask them if you found a deal that made sense, would they be interested. You can then find out what they are looking for in a deal. Then you will know what they are looking for and you are starting to build a list of buyers.

2. Join real estate investing associations – Real estate investor associations are groups of local investors that want a place to network. Since you are looking for investors to purchase your contracts, here is a great place to go to find them. Use Google to search with your city and “real estate investing association” to see what you have locally. This is a great resource for finding buyers for your contracts.

3. Place an ad and get buyers calling you – With the great deal that you have, you can place an ad in the paper or on the Internet and have buyers call you. Great deals will always attract interested buyers. You can do a little marketing and get people calling you.

4. Use social networking – Technology has now made building a list of buyers easier than it ever has been. Places like Facebook have groups that you can join specifically for wholesaling. There are wholesaling groups, cash buyer groups, and so on. Once you have joined these groups, you have instant access to a large network of buyers. If you have not looked into this resource, you should spend some time joining these groups. It can take your investing to a whole new level.

Hopefully these strategies will be useful with your real estate wholesaling deals. Finding buyers is usually pretty easy once you a great deal with your contract. These resources will help you find more buyers for the deals that you are working on.

Real Estate Still The Backbone For Investors

You have probably heard all of the sour publicity about real estate these days. Well, let me convince you now, real estate investing is is still the most profitable path than any other investment – bar none.

In a recent survey conducted by Washington-based Guidant Financial Group, close to 1,000 self-directed IRA holders said what they were planning on using their retirement savings to invest in. You know what? For most of these smart investors, the top choice was real estate.

Regardless of a tedious national real estate market, real estate was the number one choice for self-directed investors, with 65 percent of the participants singling it out as their investment of preference.

It is also fascinating to note what kinds of real estate these investors are purchasing. Close to 60 percent were considering rental properties, while more than 36 percent had pre-foreclosure and foreclosures in mind, with slightly more than 28 percent thinking about raw land. Twenty-nine percent were thinking about tax liens and deeds (which is still snuggly intertwined with the real estate market).

David Nilssen, president and CEO of Guidant, said “These numbers provide valuable insight into the minds of investors. It demonstrates that, although the real estate market is experiencing a downturn, many still continue to regard real estate as a secure and viable means to growing their nest egg.”

According to the survey, other possibilities being considered included: 22.8 percent for business and franchises; 22 percent for hard money lending; 19.3 percent on notes; 19 percent were looking at vacation properties, while 10.4 percent were thinking about foreign investments, and 7 percent had securities in mind.

This should convince you that real estate should still be a centerpiece in any investor’s strategy.